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GED Online

GED Online was Broward County’s first Internet-based course for adult students. What makes it so appealing? The any time, any place convenience of the Internet surely plays a role. Online learning offers a fantastic opportunity to reach those who may not be able to make it to a traditional adult education class because of family obligations, varying work schedules, lack of access to transportation, or health reasons, just to name a few. GED Online offers the traditional GED preparation course in an untraditional way.

Currently, Broward County’s GED Online program serves students from a variety of backgrounds located throughout the state. Through instructor facilitated chats, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills and work on their specific weaknesses. This program allows each student to tailor it to his or her specific needs. Additionally, students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Since its inception, GED Online has had many great success stories. Although each one of our graduates stand out in his or her own special way, in each and every single case, earning a high school diploma has become a stepping stone to bigger and better things!

The GED Online experience is different for every student. It’s a wonderful thing to have a program in which each student can find exactly what he or she needs. With ongoing availability and access, the online program affords people limitless opportunities.

Costs include a $10 non-refundable placement test (TABE) fee, a once-per-school-year $10 student activity fee, and $30 tuition fee per term (based on being an in-state resident and having the appropriate proofs of ID).